FBUK Responds to “Huge fall in Apprenticeships”

May 29, 2024

Family Business UK Manifesto

In response to an article in The Times titled “Huge fall in apprenticeships under broken levy” regarding the apprenticeship levy, FBUK’s Chief advocacy officer, Fiona Graham, said;

“The latest research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reinforces our long-standing argument that the apprenticeship system is simply not working”.

“We hear from family businesses on a daily basis how the system is too complicated, inflexible and burdensome”.

“Family businesses want to train young people and upskill their workforces, but administrative complexities discourage businesses from taking on apprentices. Money, a staggering £4.4billion, that could be used for training is instead returned to the Exchequer without being touched”.

“Quite simply, the current system is holding back the immense potential of family businesses by failing to equip future workforces with the skills, training and support they need, where they need it”.

“To deliver a skills regime that is fit for the future, we need an overhaul of the employee training landscape by refocusing the Apprenticeship Levy and making the skills landscape work for businesses and individuals”.

Future Skills Fund

“The current skills and apprenticeship system needs to be revamped and replaced with a more holistic Future Skills Fund. This fund would provide greater flexibility on how money can be used to encompass apprenticeship support, training and development for existing employees.

“This would allow businesses to use the allocated funding on a wider range of training options and opportunities. Transitioning to a Future Skills Fund would also give businesses greater flexibility and opportunity to use funding for the skills and technical expertise they need. It would better equip local schools and colleges to provide training and skills relevant to the needs of local employers and communities”.

The Future Skills Fund would provide a better deal for employers and employees a number of ways:

➤ Providing greater flexibility in the use of the Fund to support life-long learners and apprentices to study, for example through support of transport or living costs.

➤ Removing barriers between the nations of the UK to ensure money can be spent where it is most needed, not necessarily where it is paid.

➤ Giving businesses a greater say in the development of the local skills landscape and supporting career-long skills development and learning, including when re-entering the workforce after a period of absence.”


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