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It’s important for people in a family business to have a trusted network of peers outside the family and business to share experiences with, seek advice from, and draw support.

Central to our work are private, curated communities of family business members who share a common interest, or role, in the family business world.

FBUK Communities provide a forum for peer-to-peer connections, sharing of advice and experiences, and access to subject matter experts. Members of each Community decide what topics to discuss, how they interact, the type of events they have, and how often.

Chairs’ Community: Company Chairs experience unique challenges: hiring and managing CEOs, setting remuneration, constructing and managing boards and committees, and overseeing generational change.  This Community shares experiences and helps the wider family business community by supporting those recently appointed or designated to take up the Chair role.

NextGen Community: To give younger family members a safe space to build close connections with fellow future leaders, our NextGen Community meets to hear from inspiring speakers and thought leaders, as well as social events. They stay connected throughout the year through their own social media group.

NowGen Community: Bringing together operational family directors, to share the experience of actively leading the family business today, managing the business, team and family needs in equal measure. This community exists for MD’s and other operational family directors to connect, and support those newly appointed, or well established in their leadership role, to share knowledge and best practice.

Non-Family Executives Community: This group, comprising senior non-family business leaders, comes together share the unique experience and perspectives associated with leading a family business from the position of not being a family member themselves.

Non-Executive Director Community: Brings together NEDs of family businesses to connect, learn and share. This group comprises a mix of family and non-family NEDs, and provides a forum for rich discussion about the nuances of helping to steward the business through intergenerational change.

Purposeful Business Community: Tapping into the growing interest in ESG and sustainability-related issues among family businesses, this Community is designed to bring together those interested in the topic, and/or are responsible for leading or supporting sustainability within their family business.

Policy Community: For family business members keen to help shape our work with politicians, policymakers and regulators, this group consults on key policy areas and issues to ensure the needs and views of family businesses are represented amongst those setting the regulatory landscape.

Also in the pipeline for 2024 are a Family Council Community, and a Senior Gen Community,  with many more under discussion, to meet the needs of our members, into 2025 and beyond.

For more details on these, and other FBUK Communities, please get in touch at info@familybusinessuk.org