Family businesses do more than just contribute a tremendous amount to the UK economy. They are beacons of innovation and entrepreneurialism and they drive our communities forward.

This is why Clarion is a proud partner of FBUK to continue providing vital support to family-owned businesses – the backbone of the UK business community.

Never ordinary.

Doing things differently is in Clarion’s DNA. It is who we are. We are curious problem solvers, who balance the process with creativity. We aim to build professional long-lasting relationships with substance. We take the time to understand what matters to our clients and our approach to understanding is what makes us different.

We are right here.

We make it a priority to invest our time getting to know our clients. We recognise that every business is different, and we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any situation.

This is why we are a chosen source of support and advice for family businesses across the UK. We are trusted because we bring the right people together to create opportunities, driving our clients forward with strategies that fuel evolution. We stand firmly in the shoes of the people and businesses we work with, building relationships that break barriers and inspire growth. We do this with authenticity, openness and a collaborative approach.

We are built around people.

We are committed to helping family-owned businesses navigate the nuanced challenges and dynamics they face. Whether that be in relation to their business, or their personal and family lives.

We understand that all businesses continue to face hurdles when it comes to growth, resilience, disruption, and strategy. We also crucially understand that every business owner is also an individual with a family and personal affairs which need careful consideration and planning alongside the business. We are able to look after both of the business and family needs, concurrently.

We know that succession tends to be a key worry for family businesses. When the current owners have built the business, there is an understandable desire to ensure that it is handed on a secure manner to future generations. Alternatively, in some cases, the family may be planning an exit and, again, we provide the professional advice to ensure it is done in the most appropriate way. This is why our corporate and private wealth teams work hand in hand to support our clients.


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