NatWest are proud partners of FBUK, as we know Family businesses are a cornerstone of the UK business community, responsible for a significant proportion of private sector employment.

86% of private sector businesses are family businesses, forming a large portion of NatWest’s customers. Family businesses also employ 40% of all employees in the UK economy, contributing to 29% of the UKs Gross Domestic Product. *Source measured by MarketVueBusiness Banking from Savanta Q4 2022.

You need a bank that understands your dynamics as a family business, and one that is committed to supporting you at every stage of your journey.

Whatever the challenge, be that succession planning, maintaining sustainable growth, governance, expanding into new markets or one of the many other challenges that a family business might face, our team of Relationship mangers are here to support you.

Plus we provide family businesses with actionable insights and thought leadership through a range of in house Subject Matter Experts.

Relationship managers:
At NatWest, we provide our Commercial banking customers with access to regionally based relationship managers across the UK. They are all trained to understand the different dynamics of a family business. They’ll be with you, step by step, to provide business intelligence and sector knowledge, as well as bringing together local businesses for peer to peer learning through hosting regular networking events.

In addition:

  • We have Sector Specialist teams operating throughout the UK, providing dedicated sector knowledge and support to family businesses, by bringing together local, regional, and national knowledge and understanding.
  • Our High Growth support provides a one-stop shop, from growth capital and advice on equity investment, to training schemes and support on finding new markets.
  • We operate the largest fully funded business support programme in the UK, with 13 Accelerators, which supported 1300 businesses in 2023

NatWest Business Insights Hub
We want to support your family business at all stages of growth, so you can find the latest thought leadership and actionable insights on our NatWest Business Insights Hub. Keep up to date by reading our customer case studies and latest sector reports and deep dives.

If your family business happens to be in a period of sustained growth, or is in the process of scaling*, we also have our High Growth Business Hub. Here you can find more actionable insights to help high growth businesses like yours move forward:

*To be eligible for High Growth support, businesses need to show 20% year on-year growth in turnover over three consecutive years (minimum turnover £250,000) and/or a minimum £50,000 equity/grant investment in the last two years.

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