“A Toolkit for Responsible Ownership” – The Family Business Podcast

I am joined by Dr. Bridget Kustin as we discuss The Ownership Project. The project explores $1bn family enterprises and collates what they are doing into a “Toolkit for Responsible Ownership”.

The study looks at seven narratives that we often hear about family businesses:

  1. Family Business as a force for good
  2. We have a long term orientation. We think in generations, not financial quarters
  3. Family owners are uniquely agile
  4. Employees prefer working in a family-owned business. Our employees are like family
  5. I don’t consider the business as something that belongs to me. I consider myself a steward of it for the next generation.
  6. We care about our community
  7. Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

Continuing our series on Sustainability we explore some of these narratives and whether they are true because we tell ourselves they are true, or because we can evidence that they are true.


You can find out more information about The Ownership Project here:

You can access the toolkit here

Dr. Bridget Kustin

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