Are you ready to hire Non-Family Executives? – The Family Business Podcast

Are you ready to hire Non-Family Executives?  In this episode, Russ  Haworth talks to Bill Strandberg, regarding the readiness of family businesses when hiring non-family executives. He shares his own experience growing up in a family business and highlights the distinct challenges that families face in executive recruitment.

Bill emphasizes the importance of addressing the readiness of both the family and the business before making a senior executive hire. He provides case studies to illustrate the potential risks and conflicts that can arise when these factors are not considered. Bill also discusses the need for clear job descriptions and expectations to ensure a successful hiring process.

This conversation explores the challenges and strategies involved in managing talent in family-owned businesses. The discussion highlights the importance of employee loyalty and the potential neglect of operational hygiene in long-term relationships.

It emphasizes the need for clarity in decision-making and cultural fit when bringing in new senior executives. The conversation also addresses the concerns of legacy employees and the importance of incorporating their feedback.