Next Gen Guide – Finding your way in the family business

FBUK Next Gen User Guide Cover

Welcome to this short guide for the Next Generation, designed to help you find your way in your family business.

Being a next generation family member can be extremely challenging. You may be balancing conflicting emotions towards the business, struggling with family expectations, or just really not feel sure what you want to do with your career.

These are all completely natural and understandable – and I hope you will feel reassured by knowing this is something others in your position are going
through all the time. You are not alone.

In this guide, we have set out some of the options you have as a next generation family member and how you can equip yourself to take on the responsibilities of ownership, and how to develop as a leader if that is the path you choose.

You will find a series of articles to help guide you, and some practical advice on steps to take. We hope this guide helps you on the exciting journey you have ahead.

We would like to thank family business experts, Juliette Johnson and Ken McCracken for their contributions.

Click here to download and read the Guide.

We are grateful to our Corporate Partner NatWest for their support and the thought leadership contributions and case studies they have provided.

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