The Importance of Storytelling in Family Business – Podcast

In this weeks episode, family business expert Russ Haworth, in association with Family Business UK,  is joined by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks as they discuss –  The Importance of capturing and sharing family stories.

They highlight the reasons why families choose to tell their stories, such as passing on values and creating a family culture. The guests emphasize the need for families to identify their purpose and why before embarking on a storytelling project.

They also discuss different types of family stories, including founder stories and multi-generational stories. The guests explore the concept of voice in storytelling and the importance of selecting the right format for capturing the family story.

They also address the challenges of navigating different versions of the same story and the rules and considerations for sharing family stories.

They emphasize the need for hope and tension in storytelling, as well as the importance of protecting identities in family stories.

They also discuss the time commitment required for family story projects and the value of taking the time to do it right. They highlight the need for support from trusted advisors and professionals in the storytelling process. Overall, they emphasize the significance of capturing family stories to help future generations understand the values of the family.