The Power of Interim Leadership in Family Business

For family-owned businesses, change can be both exciting and daunting.

Whether it’s expanding into new markets, implementing new technologies, or navigating succession planning, these pivotal moments often require an injection of fresh expertise and perspective.

This is where interim executives can prove invaluable, offering a blend of experience, objectivity, and specialised skills to help guide family businesses through critical transitions.

For multi-generational family businesses, upholding deeply-rooted cultural values is of paramount importance. The family legacy, shaped through decades of hard work and sacrifice, is a source of immense pride and the foundation upon which the business has thrived.

Naturally, there may be reservations about bringing in outside leadership, even on a temporary basis, for fear of disrupting their cherished heritage. Why, then, should family businesses consider an interim executive?

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Content kindly provided by FBUK corporate partners, Redgrave.