Wealth of Wisdom – The Family Business Podcast

In this episode of the Family Business podcast, in association with FBUK,  Tom McCullough and Keith Whitaker discuss their book, The Wealth of Wisdom.

They share their backgrounds and how they came to collaborate on the book. The second version of the book focuses on providing practical tools and exercises for families to enhance their communication and address important topics.

One chapter highlights a family self-assessment tool that helps families evaluate their situation and identify areas for improvement. Another chapter introduces a three-step process for enhanced communication, which can be used by couples or siblings to address differences and find common ground.

The book is accessible to multiple generations and encourages open dialogue within families. The conversation explores the themes of subversive books and family discussions, the power of framing issues, generational collaboration in philanthropy, intergenerational dialogue, and the simplicity of tools for productive conversations.

The guests also provide clarification on the two books in the Wealth of Wisdom series.