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For nearly 40 years Saxton Bampfylde has worked in partnership with some of the UK’s leading family businesses, bringing the most talented, innovative and strategic leaders to our clients’ organisations.

As a founder-led business, with second generation family members working in the organisation today, we believe we are uniquely placed to advise businesses that have a distinct and unique structure and culture.

We are proud to be the UK’s first employee-owned search firm and therefore bring a personal understanding of the nuances and importance of ownership regarding talent and leadership, and of the challenges and opportunities when transitioning between generations.

Our approach is to combine our expertise in different ownership structures with complementary sector experience, from consumer & retail, professional & financial services to manufacturing & construction, and every sector in between. We also bring a track record in key functional appointments such as CPOS or CFOs.

We are proud to harness decades of experience in supporting family businesses through key points of transition – partnering with businesses on key leadership appointments, succession planning, board reviews, assessment and leadership development.

Our services

Executive Search
Saxton Bampfylde support family businesses in identifying and appointing outstanding executive leaders and board members who will drive the organisation forward in a strategic and sustainable way. We specialise in finding candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience but crucially fit the culture and values at the heart of the family business.

Succession Planning
Succession planning is often one of the critical priorities for a family business. It is a key consideration for both family and non-family positions: the smooth transition of leadership from one generation to the next is essential for any business seeking to futureproof its ongoing success.

Saxton Bampfylde provides expertise and guidance in developing succession plans for family and non-family leaders that address the unique dynamics and complexities of family businesses.

Board Advisory & Board Reviews
Family businesses benefit from a strong and diverse board that balances internal and external perspectives. Each board is unique, in its make-up of family and non-family membership – independent NEDs and Chairs must understand the heritage and values at the heart of the business.

We work with clients to carefully define the parameters of the role and requirements, before working to bring the right mix of skills, experience, and perspectives to help guide the business effectively.

Our tailored Board Review model is designed to provide data and insight that can be used to assess how effective your current board is, whether the structure of your governance is fit for purpose and establish potential areas for improvement.

Executive Coaching and Development
Our executive coaching and development services are tailored to the unique needs of each family business. They can support future leaders within the organisation to enhance their leadership capabilities and navigate the complex dynamics of family business.

Tomorrow’s Legacy: Succeeding in Family Business
Our report explores broad perspective across the family business world, about future leadership, succession planning, how leadership roles are evolving, and the skills and attitudes required as they move forward.

We spoke to executive and non-executive leaders from family businesses across many different sectors and geographies who shared their thoughts and insights to feed into this report.

Through these conversations we have looked at the different approaches to leadership and succession planning, particularly the way in which the integration of non-family leaders has been undertaken and look at the challenges and opportunities leaders and their businesses face as they look to future generations.

FBUK Members can download the “Tomorrow’s Legacy: Succeeding in Family Business” report here.

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