FBUK Launches Senior & Next Generation User Guides for family businesses

FBUK are delighted to launch two new family business User Guides containing thought-leadership and best practice to help support the next generation of family business owners, with Guides for the Senior and Next Generation in family business.

These guides form part of FBUK’s growing library of specialist tools and resources, complementing our existing family business Life Stages Model, and helping families navigate the nuances and dynamics of successfully running a multi-generational family business.  

The guides cover topics of material importance to family businesses, supporting both the senior generation, and the next generation in family business.

Senior Gen Guide

The Senior Gen Guide is designed to help you support your next generation, as they tackle the complexities of finding their way in the family business.

It includes information on:

  • How to foster the next generation’s interest in the family business;
  • Supporting them to become the responsible owners of the future;
  • How to identify those who could lead your business in the future;
  • Managing the transition to new leadership;
  • Finding your place and adding value to the business, as you step away.

Download the Senior Gen Guide here.

FBUK Senior Generation User Guide Cover

Next Gen Guide

And the Next Gen Guide can help you as a next generation family member to balance the paths ahead of you, deciding whether to join the business, to take on leadership or ownership, or to build and explore your own career.

It includes information on:

  • How to decide whether to join the business or not;
  • How you can equip yourself to take on the responsibilities of ownership;
  • How to develop as a leader, if that is the path you choose;
  • Finding your voice & the right place for you;
  • Who to turn to for further support and advice

Download the Next Gen Guide here

FBUK Next Generation User Guide Cover

Helping the next gen in family business

At FBUK our purpose is to help create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

And to this end, we apply thought-leadership to support family businesses in capacity building, decision-making, day-to-day management, and family relationships, helping drive sustainable bottom-line performance.

We trust that you enjoy the guides, and would ask you to please share them with family members, colleagues, and others in your network, whom you feel would benefit from their insights.

With our thanks to renowned family business experts, Juliette Johnson and Ken McCracken for their contributions.

We are grateful to our carefully selected corporate partner NatWest, for their support with the publication of these guides, and for the thought leadership contributions and case studies they have provided.

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