We amplify the voice of family businesses, championing and celebrating the sector through campaigns such as Family Business Week. These initiatives build awareness and recognition of the role, contribution and impact of family businesses in their communities, and support the growth and future success of the sector.

In 2023 we’re championing the long-term approach taken by family firms.

Business planning is often too short-term and aligned to the approach of listed companies, whose first priority is that of their immediate shareholders.  As our country our economic priorities need to be refocused on promoting responsible businesses, looking to achieve the potential for all their stakeholders, their community and the wider world.

Business done well is a force for good. Family businesses offer a model of sustainable and responsible business that puts people first and the interests of the next generation at the heart of their strategy to address challenges and build long-term, sustainable and purposeful companies.  In our 2023 campaigning we will be celebrating this important aspect of how family firms operate.

You can find out more about Family Business Week 2023 here.